How to pay securely by credit card?


In order to prevent the fraudulent use of bank cards on the Internet, Societe Generale has a “SOGECOMMERCE” securie payment control system. This service is completely free. Societe Generale has backed up the new payment control system put in place by Visa and MasterCard. Thanks to their respective programs “Verified by Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode”, the security of your payments on the Internet is thus reinforced.

Thanks to our banking partner, you can buy your items in complete security.

Secure payment with Paybox and Société Générale

For the security of transactions, DINOMED FACTORY called on Société Générale bank and PAYBOX, the leader in secure payment.
Your bank details are encrypted on your computer and then transmitted securely to authorization servers where your data is then verified with your bank. This process is handled by SSL-128-bit encryption technology, one of the most widely used and efficient in the world. When making transfers via the Internet, nothing transits in the clear on the web.The payment procedure is simplified by saving your bank details securely with our service provider. These data are exclusively processed by Société Générale and PAYBOX.

Debit from your payment card

Following your order, a debit authorization request is sent to your bank within 24 hours. The amount will only be debited from your account after it has been approved. The debit from your account will be made according to the rules applied to your means of payment (immediate debit, deferred, American Express agreement, etc.).

Means of payment We accept the Carte Bleue, Visa and MasterCard, American Express.

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